Peak Movement welcomes you to our Clinic in Milton, South Oxfordshire.  A wonderful calm space to focus on injury and surgery recovery.

Peak Movement Clinic

Located at The Wellness Hub Oxford in Milton, South Oxfordshire

Peak Movement Clinic will reopen for close contact services and personal training from Saturday 17th April.  I look forward to seeing you.

Check out Peak Movement Online for how I can support you remotely with online coaching and recovery support.

Recovering from surgery or injury?

When you are living with acute or chronic pain, I feel it is really important that you find a manual therapist or remedial coach that you can relate to and trust.  I take my role in your recovery seriously.  Making sure I listen to you.  I hold no judgement and we work together to find the very best plan to help you move forward. 

You need to find someone that understands you and empathises with your lifestyle.  For them to take onboard your expections, goals and ideals.

I work with my clients in-person and online, to recover from surgery or injury.  Our 1:1 appointments and group classes are so much more than just a treatment or mobility session.  I take my 13 years of experience and knowledge to help guide you along your recovery journey, and with empowering wellness.  Healing and adaption can occur from day 0 to year 90+, and you will continue to live life with adventure and fun.

Amy Peak

Amy Peak

Specialist manual therapist & remedial PT


Peak Movement Clinic

Keeping you living life with adventure.
Online and in-person appointments available to help you regain confidence in your body after surgery or injury, and to maintain your active lifestyle.
Below are just a few of the Treatments and Coaching that can be incorporated into your appointment.



Soft tissue therapy (Advanced sports and remedial massage)

Scar therapy – healing, massage and management of new or old scars

Myofascial release and cupping (RockPods)

Myofascial taping (RockTape)

Remedial pregnancy massage

Post-natal recovery

All treatments are individual to the client and, if needed, will be a cohesion of the treatment modalities available inorder to provide optimal results. 


One to one or group coaching at Clinic

  • Injury and surgery rehabilitation
  • Return to sport
  • Mobility and strength maintainence

Online mentoring and coaching


Runner’s strength and fitness (currenlty offered online)

Our Thrive for Life Tribe membership includes weekly online fitness classes and recovery sessions



Mental health first aid

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There is no better way to find out if I am your ideal therapist than having a chat.  I look forward to hearing from you.

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Opening Hours

By appointment only


07940 732 464

Registered Address

Millbrook House,
Oxfordshire, OX14 4EL

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