Specialist oncology massage therapy including cancer wellness and palliative care

Oncology massage

Including cancer wellness and palliative care

Massage adapted to support those living with cancer.

As level 5 therapist with a post-graduate certification in Oncology massage I aim to dispell the common misconception that cancer is a contraindication to massage.  With the appropriate knowledge and adaptions, massage has many benefits for those living with cancer that is support by scientific evidence, research and ancedotal expereinces.

With 45% of cancer patients under-going surgery as a form of treatment, ScarWork can be integrated into your treatment session if we feel it is appropriate to improve mobility, reduce scar restrictions or improve sensation around the scar area.

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Benefits of massage when living with cancer:

Some of the possible benefits of massage for a person living with cancer includes (these have all been noted in research):

  • Reduce the length of hospital stays
  • Relief from touch deprivation
  • Helps create a sense of control
  • Improves the effectiveness of medication, physiotherapy and other medical procedures
  • Restore a positive body image
  • Surgery recovery- lessen the long term effects of anaesthesia and promote wound healing
  • Decrease the symptoms of chemotherapy and radiotherapy
  • Improved sleep quality and recovery
  • Improved perception of pain, decreased nausea and increased relaxation
  • Reduced anxiety scores, depression, general fatigue, reduced motivation fatigue, and emotional fatigue

Oncology massagy treatment is individual.  We take into account diagnosis, treatment, personal needs and long and short term goals.

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