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Items listed are our products that we recommend and personally use whilst online coaching or in our therapy sessions.  We strive to be as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible so that we leave a positive mark on our planet.

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Online wellness

To help you thrive, I am creating a library of wellness resources, courses and workshops.  For you to be empowered by establishing your own healthier habits and lifestyle choices.  This will support your recovery from injury or surgery.  Working alongside your Soft Tissue Therapy, ScarWork and Personal Training appointments.

Becoming a certified oncology massage therapist

Over the half term, I thankfully put my 'lockdown homeschooling' to one side. Instead, focusing on my own learning to become a certified oncology massage therapist. When it comes to my yearly required Continuous Professional Development, I choose carefully which...

Improve your bedtime routine for better sleep

Sleep is an essential process for the body to heal and recover but we completely undervalue the importance of sleep. Our modern lives focus heavily on the act of 'doing' over the healing processes of 'sleeping'. Sleep is definitely not a waste of time: Taking small...

Vitamin D for wellness, training and recovery

We are into the last month of our UK winter and I am feeling pretty sluggish, but spring is just around the corner- yay!!. I'm not sure if it is the stress of lockdown life or compounding effects of other stressors. So I am taking this opportunity to evaluate what I...

Breathe yourself better and support your healing

Put simply, if you can influence and bring back control to your breathing, then you can help support your healing and recovery from injury or surgery. At the end of this blog post is a breathing exercise. I use this exercise to support my clients recovering from...

Exercising during a heatwave

Still wanting to exercise in the heat? That's great that you are still motivated (so am I!!! Though, I am a bit odd and I actually prefer exercising in the heat over the cold). But, there is always a but. Exercising should never be to the determent of your health so...

Re-opening the health, therapy and fitness industry- when and how

From 13 July: Close contact services, such as nail bars, salons, tanning booths, spas, massage parlours, tattoo parlours and body piercing studios, can open. Only services that do not involve work in the highest risk zone – directly in front of the face – should be...

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 “The mind and body are not separate, what affects one will affect the other.”

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